Commercial And Industrial Solar Rooftop System in Ahmedabad


Commercial And Industrial Solar Rooftop System Provider in Ahmedabad. Swami Energy is offering Solar Rooftop Panel Solutions for multiple industrial, commercial, and institutional customers to implement sustainable solar energy.

Our Solar Power Rooftop Solution on Commercial and Industrial is to provide a total turnkey project. Starting from roof analysis to commissioning and system maintenance, the project requires an in-depth analysis of the irradiation pattern along with its roof condition for the system to generate for its designed lifetime.

Rising electricity tariffs can be curbed by using naturally accessible resources. Strong Policy support from state and center government benefits in commissioning of the plant within its target time. We provide a system with real-life of 25 years backed up by our strong partners and on paper warranty. Our solar power rooftop solutions are simple & efficient to encourage adoption and long-lasting, the solar plants constructed by us stand proof.

Swami Energy has a significant role to play in Quality Assurance, including as design review, installation inspection, and system takeover when all punch points have been resolved.

After implementation, our Solar Panel Cleaning Services & Solar Panel & System Maintenance Team takes care of a variety of tasks.


Quality Installation

  • The Solar Panels are mounted on a special GI coated customized frame (structure)
  • This modular frame (structure) is mounted on a prefabricated RCC block
  • So no compromise on your roof structure integrity.

Benefits of Solar System

  • Reduce Electricity Bill
  • Helping to protect the environment by reducing carbon emission
  • Making use of natural resources
  • 40% Depreciation benefit in income tax
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Start Saving from day one
  • Payback period 3 to 5 years

System Warranty

The assurance of quality and workmanship is further backed by with warranty on critical components like,

  1. Solar Panels
    25 Years power generation warranty
  2. Solar Inverter
    5 Years manufacturing defect warranty
  3. Workmanship:
    5 Years our workmanship warranty
  4. Solar Panels Warranty
    25 Year Power generation warranty

    • 90% Power Output for 10 years
    • 80% Power Output for next is years

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