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No.1 Solar Rooftop System & Solar Rooftop Panel Provider in Ahmedabad By Swami Energy. Ahmedabad’s Top Leading Residential Solar Rooftop Installation &  Solar Rooftop Solutions. We are happy to say that WE provide all solutions with regard to the clean energy segment.

When it comes to utilizing power, not only low cost but the reliability of the power source is another important concern for any user.

There are various options to utilize this power requirement and the most efficient one among them is the rooftop solar power panel installation. We have the expertise to install a wide range of rooftop solar plants and solar rooftops in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This provides the user with limited vacant space for the indigenous power plant to operate using the open terrace as the location of power generation.

This being a specialized job involves a team that has worked in a similar installation on previous occasions. The alignment of the solar array cells is placed in the best possible manner using the location analysis, so that frequent changes and shifts are not required.

The maintenance activity is easy to carry out and can be carried out at regular intervals thus ensuring a hassle-free power supply. Contact us for the best rooftop solar system in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our Residential Solar Rooftop Projects are the best and the easiest way to opt for the solar power system. We provide solar power solutions for residential which can eliminate the power bill by 100%. State and Central Government subsidies on residential solar rooftops give the fastest Return on Investment with less capital Investment. The Residential Solar plant comes with 5 years of warranty and 25 years of system life. The proven technology can help in supporting green initiatives by the government and reducing dependency on other forms of energy. Be it on-grid or off Grid our customized solution gives you a system with actual needs.


Quality Installation

  • The Solar Panels are mounted on a special GI coated customized frame (structure)
  • This modular frame (structure) is mounted on a prefabricated RCC block
  • So no compromise on your roof structure integrity.

Benefits of Solar System

  • Reduce Electricity Bill
  • Helping to protect the environment by reducing carbon emission
  • Making use of natural resources
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Start Saving from day one
  • Payback period 3 to 5 years
  • Government subsidy if available

We Add value to your project

  • Every Solar Project Big Or Small Is A Long Term Capital Investment And Every Detail Can Impact Your Returns For Two Years To Come.
  • With Best Industry Practice In EPC And Year To Experience, We Help You Maximize Returns On Your Investment And Ensure A Long Lasting Project Life.
  • Some Of The Value Additions That We Extra Cost, Include:
    1. Cost-Effective & Viable Project Design
    2. Transparent Product Selection & Procurement
    3. 5 Years Workmanship Warranty
    4. Remote Monitoring And Performance Review
    5. Net Metering Assistance
    6. Innovative Installation Solution

System Warranty

The assurance of quality and workmanship is further backed by with warranty on critical components like,

  1. Solar Panels
    25 Years power generation warranty
  2. Solar Inverter
    5 Years manufacturing defect warranty
  3. Workmanship:
    5 Years our workmanship warranty
  4. Solar Panels Warranty
    25 Year Power generation warranty

    • 90% Power Output for 10 years
    • 80% Power Output for next is years

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