Energy Audit Services & Energy Audit Company in Ahmedabad


Energy Audit Services & Energy Audit Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Swami Energy. Which has already done good research work in different kinds of industries for energy-saving processes. Research is still continuing because it is an endless process. We have already found some area for saving in your fuel & electricity bill.

These areas follow :

  1. Very low power factor
  2. Some motors are working under large variations of load.
  3. Providing large-size motors for providing heavy starting torque.
  4. Not able to control maximum demand (M.D.) within the permissible limit.
  5. Not able to utilize your contract demand.
  6. Very heavy heat loss.
  7. Controlling your process parameters by operating different valves instead of changing the speed of motors. If you have any above conditions in your industry take the opportunity to decrease your fuel and electricity bill. Even if you want to know the potential of saving, do not hesitate to call us. If you are not sure about the above condition and if you want to check it then also your service is our pleasure. We are offering energy conservation with very little alteration and comparative very less expense.
  8. Energy conservation with little payback and saving your capital is our main idea.

We provide the following services

  1. Design & Selection of all electrical equipment like transformers, switchgear, cables, electrical panels, distribution boards, etc. Preparing drawings for the electrical distribution system.
  2. Preparing technical single line diagrams (SLD) and drawings for government approval.
  3. Supervision electrical erection, commissioning, testing, distribution, approval, and trial run.
  4. Consulting and supervision for erection, testing, commissioning, and installation of various equipment like electrical panels, transformers, circuit breakers, motors, pumps, as per the norms and standards.
  5. Consulting for material procurement, negotiation with vendors.